Dedicated to everyone who
wonders if I'm writing about them.
I am.

She Had The World (Alternate Version)
Panic At The Disco


i listened to this once and i turned into a fairy


Lead Us - Serigrafía (80 x 60 cm.)  *Buy Here*

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blue | grey

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cr1tikal is gonna be on his death bed and his last words are probably going to be a monotonous, sarcastic “well fuck my asshole”

"I’m done playing this. Well that’s the end of my life. Remember to rate my life, comment my life, and subscribe…

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I’m still fucked up at the fact that the longest piece of English fictional literature written by any human is a super smash bros brawl fan fic.


Real Friends - Late Nights In My Car



@petewentz and I always breaking into your local department store living room set to eat Ben and Jerry’s.” 

Favorite couple


Tigers Jaw by Mimi Hong on Flickr.

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Navajo Kindergartner Sent Home from School, Ordered to Cut His Hair

On Monday, a 5-year-old Native American boy was sent home on his first day of school and ordered to cut his hair short because it allegedly violated district policy, the boy’s mother said.
The child, Malachi Wilson, an enrolled citizen of the Navajo Nation, had been looking forward to his first day of kindergarten at F.J. Young Elementary in Seminole, Texas.


i can’t stand it when people complain about how expensive printer ink is, like it’s “”capitalism’s fault”“. do you have any idea how hard it is to milk those squids


Officially the best photo I’ve ever taken

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If celery is 90% water, is the ocean 10% celery?


as a scientist I can confirm that this is definitely how percentages and fractions work, and yes, the ocean is 10% celery, which is why we cannot drink ocean water, for we would choke on the celery

Four of my favourite pictures of Frank Iero for iieros